Engine Yard Conducts Orchestra Acquisition, Adds PHP PaaS

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Engine Yard's Ruby on Rails cloud development platform

"The Engine Yard PaaS is the leading choice for development teams that need to build highly reliable, scalable Ruby on Rails applications because we deliver deep expertise, a curated stack, and expert support services," John Dillon, CEO of Engine Yard, said in a statement. "Engine Yard has powered some of the fastest growing businesses in history. With Orchestra and its team of dedicated PHP contributors joining Engine Yard, we're extending our platform into an adjacent market to help PHP developers achieve the same success."

With Orchestra in the fold, Engine Yard said it will accelerate development of the Orchestra PHP platform by increasing investment and leveraging the resources -- experience and leadership -- that have fueled Orchestra's growth over the last five year.

"PHP and Ruby on Rails developers alike will benefit from access to world-class orchestration, support, service and training," the companies said. Orchestra's team includes a host of PHP contributors that have supported projects including PEAR and PEAR2 (library repository), including the PEAR installer and its successor Pyrus (The PHP component manager), FRAPI (a high-level API framework), CakePHP (a rapid development framework for PHP), Lithium (lightweight, fast, flexible framework for PHP 5.3), SPL (Standard PHP Library) and more.

"As passionate and long-time members of the PHP community, we created Orchestra to offer a better experience to PHP developers by reducing the time, costs and risks of setting up and scaling reliable PHP applications," said Eamon Leonard, CEO of Orchestra, in a statement. "By joining Engine Yard, we will accelerate our delivery of this vision and provide developers with exceptional support, services and technology."

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Engine Yard said it will continue to make a substantial investment in both the Ruby on Rails and PHP open source communities and projects following the acquisition.