Salesforce Is Real, But What Is It?

But Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on Monday used Twitter to shed a little bit of light onto the new service, without actually revealing exactly what it is.

"Do is Salesforce's new app to get work done with anyone," Benioff tweeted. "Sign up to be the first to receive an invite."

The URL brings users to a sign up page with a box to enter an e-mail address for an invite. The site offers no other information, other than the product's slogan: "Do and it's done."

Benioff's Tweet was the first official confirmation from Salesforce camp that Do, which moved into private beta earlier this month, is a Salesforce product. The coming soon page launched in late August.

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The pending service came to light last month after Salesforce was rumored to have acquired the domains and, but neither domain or product were mentioned during Salesforce's Dreamforce 2011 cloud conference last month.

Salesforce Do may take a page from Manymoon, a cloud project management and collaboration service that Salesforce acquired in February.

Manymoon is a darling in the Google Apps Marketplace as one of the most downloaded applications. A team collaboration application, Manymoon calls itself a "the social productivity platform for managing projects and tasks." Through its Google Apps integration, San Francisco-based Manymoon uses a social networking platform that lets users attach Google Docs to tasks, projects and events; add project information to shared Google Calendars; and Gadget for collaborative task management in Google Sites. The free application integrates into existing e-mail and features built in security while giving users a single pane view of all projects and tasks.

Manymoon has deleted the blog post that announced its acquisition by Salesforce.

A new service leveraging social networking for productivity would jibe with Salesforce's massive push around "the social enterprise," a vision of a business dynamic that leverages social networks, mobility and open cloud to streamline and speed up business communications that Benioff unveiled at Dreamforce.

" was born cloud. We were born cloud in 1998. But we have been reborn social," Benioff said, later adding: "This social revolution is really unlike any other paradigm we've experienced."