Google Puts Cloud Services In Partners' Hands

Google's cloud channel cloud services

The newly-launched Google Cloud Transformation Program gives Google's top partners -- seven to start -- the ability to offer Google cloud services, which include Google App Engine for launching cloud applications; Google Storage for Developers, which offers storage on Google's cloud infrastructure; Google Apps Script, a JavaScript cloud scripting language used to automate tasks across Google products and third party services; and Google Prediction API, which Google says makes apps smarter by helping them identify patterns, recommend actions and automate repetitive tasks.

In a post on Google's Enterprise Blog, Rahul Sood, Google's global head of enterprise partnerships, wrote that Cloud Transformation Program partners will be able to offer customized solutions around cloud-based applications, predictive solutions and cloud storage solutions.

For cloud-based applications, Google Cloud Transformation Program partners can offer customized Web sites, mobile apps, social media apps, business process apps and customer-facing Web apps built leveraging Google App Engine and Google App Script.

Partner can leverage Google Prediction API to offer predictive solutions like fraud detection, customer sentiment analysis and customer churn prediction.

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And using Google Storage for Developers, Cloud Transformation Program partners can offer storage for applications, data sharing and high-reliability backup, Google said.

Google expects that partners will offer more services as the program matures.

At its launch, Google's Cloud Transformation Program includes six partners: CSC, Cloud Sherpas, Cognizant, Opera Solutions, Razorfish, SADA Systems and TempusNova, Google said.

According to Google, the Cloud Transformation Program is designed to help partners get enterprises into the cloud more quickly and to "get the most out of Google's cloud services."

"These partners all have deep expertise and a proven track record of success helping businesses make the most of their IT investments, so we appreciate their support," Sood wrote.

David Hoff, founder and technology vice president for Atlanta-based Cloud Sherpas, one of Google's largest partners, said Google's Cloud Transformation Program lets Cloud Sherpas add new services to its Google portfolio, which enables it to earn more recurring revenue and become more deeply entrenched in customer engagements. Hoff said the program also gives Cloud Sherpas the ability to capture a larger percentage of customer IT spend and become a more strategic partner.

"It's a big opportunity for us as a reseller to be able to bring all together in a cohesive manner," Hoff said.

And while offering services through the channel is a new direction for Google, Hoff said he and Cloud Sherpas expect more services opportunities as the program grows. Cloud Sherpas can now offer infrastructure assessments and perform more high-level strategic planning with customers. And the addition of storage services capabilities will give Cloud Sherpas a new edge as well, as companies need to look beyond the limitations of on-premise storage technologies.

"We see Google as more than the commodity e-mail and collaboration tool," Hoff said.

Google giving more services power to its channel partners comes as the search giant and CEO Larry Page look to trim the fat from its product and services offerings and "put more wood behind fewer arrows."