Cloud Cruiser: We Guarantee 10 Percent Cloud Savings

Cloud Cruiser, a less than year-old cloud cost management startup

Cloud Cruiser founder and CEO Dave Zabrowski said companies are throwing away large amounts of cash by lacking visibility into their cloud systems. Whether through rogue workloads that generate unexpected charges, pricing discrepancies, uncontrolled VM sprawl or inadequate public and private cloud chargeback, Zabrowski said cloud computing infrastructure have become notorious for generating unknown spend.

"When we come into a company and they utilize our software, they're finding real savings opportunities they didn't know existed," he said.

Cloud Cruiser is promising to uncover 10 percent in cloud costs savings during a 30-day trial. If it doesn't uncover at least 10 percent in savings, the company can use the analysis to pare down costs without purchasing cloud cruiser, but Zabrowski said that hasn't happened yet.

"It's so you don't have that whoops bill at the end of the month," he said, adding that recently one service provider company used Cloud Cruiser software and found that it hadn't been charging for tiered cloud storage, but was instead charging a flat rate, losing tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

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Cloud Cruiser's cloud cost management software is built specifically for enterprises and service providers to get transparency, accountability, chargeback and proactive controls of IT costs across public, private and hybrid clouds. The software lets cloud-centric businesses and users see, change, control and own the workloads.

Cloud Cruiser is also making inroads in the channel, where solution providers offer the cloud cost management as a service to their cloud clients. Cloud Cruiser last month inked a partnership with New York-based cloud provider SHI, which uses cloud cruiser software as part of its public cloud play.