Doyenz rCloud Offers Disaster Recovery For SMBs

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The rCloud solution restores virtual production server environments in less than 15 minutes through an automated process, he said.

"Some people think of the cloud in disaster recovery as cloud storage. You store a bunch of files, transfer them every night and wait for them to pull down," Webster said. "At Doyenz, the cloud is more than storing files in the cloud. With the introduction of rCloud, we are providing channel partners with an enterprise-grade cloud recovery environment."

A true disaster recovery solution also includes the quick availability of applications, not just data stored in the cloud, Webster added. Doyenz recovers both, he said.

"I need to make sure my applications are available to me. The things I hear [about disaster recovery] are, one, SMB wants their business protected. They're relying on few applications. If they can't access them, they can't go on," Webster said. "Second, it should be simple and Web-based. SMBs don't have time to try to get it to work. This is really important for channel partners. We provide anytime access to production server environments,, quick access to applications."

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Jamison West, CEO of Arterian, a Seattle-based VAR and Doyenz partner, said rCloud is a significant change from Doyenz' previous solution.

"We have been able to demonstrate a stronger ability to recover data, retrieve images for disaster recover, and failover to the cloud for business continuity," he said. "Second, we are able to use the virtual lab for testing migrations and implementation for our clients. That is a unique feature that is a huge value-add and reduce the costs of many discreet projects."

Doyenz has about 400 VARs in its program, up from about 30 last year, Webster said. With rCloud, partners can make between 50 and 100 points of margin, he added.

"Take a partner managing a health-care clinic powered by VMware with a virtual environment. You need to continuously protect the enviorment offsite and their users need to be able to access applications they're dependent on. With rCloud, you're replicating that every night. Whether it's human error, a server malfunctionm or natural disaster, there's a seamless recovery process in less than 15 minutes. All of their applications, OS, data, are available. It's almost as if they're working on premise," Webster said.

Today, Doyenz's dashboard can be integrated with LabTech and the company expects to be integrated with ConnectWise's PSA platform in about a month. The ability to combine Doyenz's solution with other managed services that a server provider may have is key for customers, Webster admits.

"We've had conversations with Autotask, Level [Platforms], N-able and Kaseya. Our strategy is be as vendor agnostic as we can. Many partners have already made investments on the PSA and RMM side. It behooves us to plug into those different technologies," Webster said.