Dome9 Partners With Rackspace

The deal aligns Tel Aviv, Israel-based Dome9 with the second largest provider of cloud infrastructure behind Amazon Web Services. The security vendor's products will be available through Rackspace's Cloud Tools Program, which is how the cloud vendor offers third-party applications to its customers.

Dave Meizlik, vice president of marketing and business development, says being a part of the Tools Program gets Dome9 into a small group of favored vendors. "We are one of the few security tools available through the Rackspace program."

Dome9's technology enables companies to configure and manage each firewall on multiple servers hosted by Rackspace. Dome9 is the only Rackspace security partner providing firewall management, with the others selling encryption, patch management and other services, according to Meizlik.

Rackspace customers interested in Dome9 would buy the product directly from the vendor. With 10s of thousands of servers running in Rackspace data centers, Dome9 is hoping to hit the jackpot. The company charges $20 per server per month, Meizlik says. "We are actively pursuing resellers of Dome9 who can sell our service to existing Rackspace customers."

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Rackspace hosting revenue in 2010 was $780 million, according to financial news agency Bloomberg. Revenue has increased between 10 percent and 18 percent month to month since at least the first quarter of 2010. The San Antonio, Texas-based company's growth has not gone unnoticed by investors. Rackspace's stock has grown more than 240 percent since the company went public in August 2008 and 30 percent over the last year.