Amazon Vet Launches Boundary To Pinpoint Cloud Pitfalls

Boundary was co-founded by CEO Benjamin Black, an Amazon veteran who was responsible for design and implementation efforts for networking, security and engineering for and Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2); and Cliff Moon, who previously held positions with Powerset, a company acquired by Microsoft, where he worked on many of the company's production services which were later used for the Bing search engine.

San Francisco-based Boundary, which , who just came off of a $4 million Series A funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, claims to give developers visibility into their network and application traffic flows in public clouds, like Amazon EC2, and private cloud data centers.

The company said that DevOps teams currently lack visibility into the infrastructure that's needed to support continuous deployment and rapid recovery, which becomes increasingly more important in public and private cloud environments. Boundary said its SaaS-based offering provides real-time monitoring as a service that requires no hardware problems and can process millions of metrics per second.

Boundary called its platform "a Big Data collection, streaming and real-time analytics system for processing high-dimensionality sensor network data at high speed and high volume." Designed for DevOps engineers, API-based access into the platform provides access to streaming data and analytics for integration and customization with Jenkins, Chef and Puppet.

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Teams can detect server-to-server and instance-to-instance issues and pinpoint bottlenecks across application and service flows. As an example, Boundary said in Amazon EC2 environments Boundary's server-instance resident meters can uncover hidden problems and unexpected application behavior patterns that can happen between server instances, availability zones and regions. The company said traditional monitoring probes and tools can't be used in the cloud and can miss transient spikes.

"We've developed a platform that allows organizations to visualize, explore and troubleshoot today's most dynamic networks," said Black in a statement. "Our goal is to offer a simple, yet massively scalable, solution that gives ops teams instant access to their network data as a service. We're excited to bring our offering to market and optimistic about our growth potential going forward."