HP Unveils Leasing Promotions For SMBs, Enterprises

At the low end, HP's 90 Day Deferral promotion can be applied to deals as small as $1,500. After the deferral period expires, customers will pay for their HP products in 36 monthly installments. When the lease term is over, customers will have the option of purchasing the products at "fair market value," HP said in press release.

HP's 1-2-3 Deferral promotion is set up as a 36-month step lease and has a minimum deal size of $250,000. Customers will pay 1 percent of original equipment cost (OEC) for the first three months, 2 percent of OEC for the next three months, and 3 percent of OEC for months 7 through 36. Customers will also have the option of buying their equipment at "fair market value" when the lease is over, according to HP.

HP Financial Services, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based firm's leasing and asset management subsidiary, is overseeing both promotions, which are available to customers in the U.S. and Canada.

The promotions apply to HP notebook and desktop PCs, software, workstations and monitors -- including HP's new Digital Signage Workstation -- thin clients, printers, servers and blades, data and server storage, networking hardware and services and installation.

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At HP Discover in June, HP Financial Services unveiled $2 billion in financing for cloud computing-specific deployments, including leases and other specialized financing offers; sale and lease-back of existing infrastructure, deferred payment plans; and other financing options.