Google BigQuery Offers Data Analytics In The Cloud

“…We are making BigQuery publicly available, an important milestone in our effort to bring Big Data analytics to all businesses via the cloud,” Ju-Kay Kwek, Google Product Manager for BigQuery, wrote Tuesday in a company blog.

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The company first introduced BigQuery in November 2011 to a limited number of developers. Now users can access BigQuery online for up to 100 GB of free data per month. Google is charging 12 cents per GB monthly for up to 2 TB. BigQuery’s analysis will cost 3.5 cents per GB.

One analyst said capturing and analyzing data is a core competency for Google of which it is taking advantage.

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“Bit data is big business these days. Many companies are generating tons of data through automatic logging and tracking of everything and so naturally there is a big desire to analyze it,” said Al Hilwa, program director for applications software development for IDC. “Google is obviously capitalizing on this opportunity and of course handling large data sets is a core competency.”