Alliant: Customer Demand Shaping Cloud Services

In an interview with CRN TV, CEO of Alliant Technologies Bruce Flitcroft said his company has transitioned from traditional managed services to cloud services in recent years. "We started to change our product development around customer demand," he said. "And customer demand really wasn’t clear four or five years ago."

But today, customers are clear about wanting IT solutions -- particularly cloud services -- to be delivered with the scalability and predictability of utility services. But cloud computing presents a challenge, Flitcroft said; instead of infrastructure on premise, assets have now been moved to public clouds, private clouds or hybrids.

"Coming up with a way all these services integrate across a common operations platform so we could see and operate devices, software applications and circuits…was really the challenge," he said.

For more on Alliant's move to the cloud, check out the full CRN TV interview with Flitcroft.

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