Red Hat: Look To Open Source For Public Cloud Development

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Red Hat believes that no one will build a cloud using products from a single vendor, but will support a wide range of new and legacy products, Red Hat's Che said.

"We believe that companies will be using all these technologies, and do not want to be limited to any one vendor," Che said. "We won't lock customers into Red Hat. We believe that, if a customer wants to support other technologies, they should be free to do so."

Dean Bedwell, director of new business development and software solutions at OnX Enterprise Solutions, a Toronto, Ontario-based solution provider and services provider, said the fact that Red Hat has only developed 11 percent of the code being used for open source is important for partners.

"It gives you the sense that this is not all about one company," Bedwell said. "It's about collaboration. And, Red Hat is focused on driving growth with us."

One of the key definitions of success in the cloud is that, when the software is installed, no one knows it's there, said Mark Gonzalez, regional vice president of sales for ePlus Technology, a Herndon, Va.-based solution provider and Red Hat partner. And that is what the industry is seeing with Red Hat, Gonzalez said.

"The software just has to work," he said. "That's the biggest compliment you can give a software company. It just works. Just look at stock exchanges on the cloud. Reliability is important. If they go down, they get headlines and they lose millions and millions of dollars."

Red Hat has done well in its shift to the cloud, including making a number of wise acquisitions, said Eric Ng, vice president of sales at Scalar Decisions, a Toronto, Ontario-based solution provider and Red Hat partner.

"With a lot of our solutions today, customers are taking advantage of the cloud," Ng said. "And RHEL and RHEV [Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization] are a big part of it."


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