Joyent Launches Hadoop Cloud Service

The Hadoop offering will use Hortonworks Data Platform running on Joyent's high-performance cloud infrastructure, Jason Hoffman, Joyent CTO and founder, said Friday in an interview with CRN.

"Our feeling about the cloud is that its advancement is being driven very much by big data services where people want to do real-time analytics and large-scale analysis of business data," Hoffman said.

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For businesses interested in analysis of large data sets, cloud-enabled big data systems are quickly accessible, scalable and much less expensive than traditional software programs, he said.

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Joyent's Hadoop service offers data storage to capture, analyze and access data in any format; data management to process, monitor and operate Hadoop; and data platform services to secure, archive and scale data.

Joyent cited a study by Altoros Systems that asserted the disk input/output speed of Joyent's Hadoop's clusters are both faster and less expensive than similar infrastructure.

Cloud providers are racing to offer Hadoop's big data services to customers as data demands increase.	

Amazon Web Services deploys a Hadoop framework based on its Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Services; Microsoft and Hortonworks are offering in preview Hadoop on Microsoft Windows Azure, called HDInsight; IBM touts Hadoop on SmartCloud Enterprise; and Rackspace has plans to roll out a Hadoop service on its cloud infrastructure soon.