Dell Boomi, Wipro Partner On Cloud Processes

The partnership leverages Dell Boomi's AtomSphere platform, which uses the cloud to manage business processes, with Wipro's cloud integration services, according to Rick Nucci, Dell Boomi general manager.

"Part of what's happening is large enterprises' adoption of cloud is increasing, and they are needing to solve integration as part of that. We're seeing a lot of growth in that segment," Nucci said. "Wipro has selected Boomi to be one of the technologies in their cloud integration practice. As companies come to Wipro and say 'Help us with a move to the cloud,' they are able to provide cloud integration services [through Dell Boomi] for those enterprises now. Wipro is now able to architect and support integrations for their enterprise customers."

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Two months ago Dell hired Suresh Vaswani, a former top executive at Wipro, as its new president of Dell Services to replace Steve Schuckenbrock. But, Nucci said Dell's new relationship with Wipro is a "disconnected event" from the Vaswani hire.

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"Wipro decided last year that a priority for them was to develop a cloud integration practice. They're seeing customers move to the cloud. They want go-to partners. They researched who are the key players, evaluated them and selected Boomi," Nucci said.

Dell Boomi doesn't deal directly with traditional Dell solution providers. Instead, it has more of a quasi-OEM relationship with companies like Ariba, SuccessFactors, and NetSuite and, in turn, indirect relationships with those companies' solution providers, Nucci said.

"Why we're so excited is [Boomi's growth] is signaling the end of middleware as we think of it today. It's signaling a new breed of approach to integration of product. It's being validated by our traction and also by various firms like Wipro selecting Boomi for their cloud integration practice," Nucci said.

Last June, Dell Boomi unveiled the AtomSphere Summer 12 release, which featured new enterprise-focused data integration, crowd-sourced regression testing and security management improvements.

Meanwhile, Dell Boomi has reached the milestone of 1 million cloud integration processes per day in January, a 263 percent increase compared to January 2012, Nucci said. Dell Boomi defines an integration process as the movement of data between two or more applications. For example, a payroll transaction being sent by a human resources application to a payroll provider, Nucci said.

"One integration represents one or more records of data being sent," Nucci said. "That's a pretty exciting growth metric for us. It speaks to the traction and momentum that we continue to have."

Nucci said Boomi's grown has consistently grown 250 percent since Dell acquired the company in November 2010. "Back then, we were doing a couple hundred thousand [integrations per month], not even. It's been several orders of magnitude since then," Nucci said. "Dell's current customer base has gotten more comfortable running with big complex initiatives on Boomi."