VMware's Eschenbach: Take Aim At SDDC, Hybrid Cloud, End-User Computing

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Carl Eschenbach VMware


VMware is staying focused on a simple three-part message about the software-defined data center, hybrid cloud and end-user computing, and it is encouraging its solution providers to do the same if they want to successfully navigate the tremendous changes going on in the data center.


That's the word from VMware President and COO Carl Eschenbach during his closing keynote of this year's VMware Partner Exchange conference, held this week in Las Vegas.

Eschenbach, speaking before a packed hall of solution providers and technology partners, said that VMware two weeks ago told its own team during the company's 2013 internal global kickoff event that VMware is embarking on the next part of the journey to transform the IT industry as it moves toward adopting cloud infrastructures.


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That journey includes three simple items on which VMware is focusing, including software-defined data centers (SDDC), hybrid clouds and end-user computing. And, Eschenbach said, the message to the partner community is the same.

"If you're not aligned, not focused, not working on these three priorities, you're not doing your job. ... If we all align to these three priorities, I'll tell you 2013 will be the beginning of a new decade of change," he said.

Adopting these three priorities is not as difficult for solution providers as it might seem, Eschenbach said.

He said that cloud computing is based on virtualization, particularly on x86-based servers, and that solution providers account for over 70 percent of all x86-based servers sold. Solution providers also sell over 85 percent of all the networking technology and over 65 percent of all the storage technology sold to data centers.

"The starting point for transformation of the data center lies in your grasp," he said.

And, with over 85 percent of the x86 servers that form the base of compute virtualization sold by solution providers, the next logical step is for them to branch out into virtualizing other parts of the data center.

"Expand on that into storage and networking. ... You have the opportunity to create the next journey for your customers," he said.

The ability to virtualize the key resources of the data center, including compute, networking, storage and security, is the foundation on which the SDDC will be built, Eschenbach said.

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