Microsoft Acquires Cloud Monitoring Startup MetricsHub

Microsoft will integrate MetricsHub tools into Windows Azure, according to Bob Kelly, Microsoft corporate vice president of strategy and business development for Windows Azure marketing.

In a blog post on Microsoft's Windows Azure Team Blog page, Kelly wrote that MetricsHub can help customers more efficiently manage their cloud services at a lower cost.

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"Cloud solutions are compelling for a variety of reasons -- scale, flexibility and value -- particularly for companies looking to do more with less. However, it’s difficult to understand, monitor and correlate all the application data points that tell you how and when you need to scale your application," Kelly wrote. "Then to get real value out of those data points you need to automate how your application and cloud platform intelligently respond. That’s where MetricsHub’s technology comes in."

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A "prerelease, no-charge version" of MetricsHub's Active Cloud Monitoring tools are available now through the Windows Azure store, according to Kelly.

On its own blog page, MetricsHub noted that it will be converting current paying customers to the no-charge version of its service.