VMware Confirms Public Cloud IaaS, Launches Hybrid Cloud Unit

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Until now, VMware has stayed out of the public cloud space and allowed its partners to deliver these services using VMware infrastructure. But with Amazon continually cutting prices and adding features, VMware has decided it needs to alter its approach.

In a Wednesday blog post, Chris Wolf, vice president of research at Gartner, described vCloud Hybrid Service as "a move that VMware had to make" because it was falling behind in the cloud market.

VMware will have to build in enterprise-grade features and cutting-edge developer tools and solve longstanding management challenges in hybrid cloud environments to make it attractive to customers, according to Wolf.

"This is an opportunity where VMware can leverage its management assets both inside the data center and in the public cloud to allow customers to redeploy workloads and not have to worry about the infrastructure or management stack," Wolf said in the blog post.

By using the "hybrid" cloud label, VMware is attempting to influence how its enterprise customers will view the offering and highlight the role vCloud Director will play in tying it all together, Forrester's Staten said in the blog post.

"[VMware] has long claimed that vCloud Director, which instantiates an IaaS environment, empowers [infrastructure and operations] professionals to manage workloads in exactly the same way, with the same vCenter tools whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud," Staten said in the blog post.

Earlier this month, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger made waves by urging partners to talk their customers out of succumbing to the low-cost attraction of Amazon. "We want to extend our franchise from the private cloud into the public cloud and uniquely enable our customers with the benefits of both. Own the corporate workload now and forever," Gelsinger said at VMware's Partner Exchange conference .

Today, we know what Gelsinger was talking about. Now the question becomes, will VMware's partners buy into the vision?


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