VMware Struggling With Hybrid Cloud 'Test Drive' Sign-Up Delays

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Despite having a similar name, the Hybrid Cloud Evaluation is not related to the vCloud Hybrid Service. "What VMware will be introducing later in the year is nothing like the Hybrid Cloud Evaluation," one source with knowledge of the matter told CRN.

VMware's goal with vCloud Hybrid Service is to solve security, networking and other public cloud challenges that have kept many enterprises on the sidelines. In last week's meeting with investors, VMware COO Carl Eschenbach described the forthcoming service as "a safe landing pad in the public cloud" that would allow customers to move on-premise workloads back and forth.

VMware service providers could be forgiven for thinking this sounds familiar, as this was one of the original goals of the vCloud ecosystem. "There were all these certified providers ready and willing to migrate your VMs back and forth if needed. They seem to have just abandoned that I guess," Tom Nats, managing partner at Bit Refinery, a Denver-based VMware service provider partner, told CRN.


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