Cloud Connect: The 'Zen' Of Cloud Computing

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The panelists also stressed that cloud adoption is not something that needs to happen during a single instant in time.

"The cloud is not an either-or," said CloudOps' Rae. "You can start with lower-risk workloads and use cases. Many companies are finding success by starting small and using dedicated teams. The move to the cloud will not be done in a few years; it's more like decades."

A number of obstacles remain. One such obstacle involves the need to update academic curriculum in order to churn out the necessary volume of future technologists who can facilitate cloud adoption and operation.

"There is a lack of training and talent," observed Citrix's Hinkle. "There's not an abundance of knowledge out there. The technology will evolve, but the development practices and things necessary to take advantage of it are currently lacking. Security needs to improve also. The cloud is a very large attack base. People are trying to figure out the best ways to secure the cloud."

"There's some exciting security stuff evolving, but it's going to take a while to mature," Rae agreed.


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