The Expense That Cloud Customers Often Forget

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Although industry standards for bandwidth are nowhere near carved in stone, Nextpoint's Emplit advises channel partners to pay close attention to how much bandwidth is required for different applications.

"We don't have a formal benchmark that we use, but for of VDI solution, for example, you probably need about 64K per seat," he added.

Access to bandwidth can also be dramatically impacted by the consumption of other customers who happen to be located in the same multitenant environment. This is an aspect that needs to be factored into the equation, but it is also very difficult for partners to control. These realities can, in effect, decide whether a specific application should go to the cloud under the specific customer circumstances.

"In a multitenant environment you can have noisy neighbors who are sucking up bandwidth," said Jeremy Przygode, CEO of Stratalux, a Los Angeles-based cloud VAR. "One thing you can do to help maximize efficiency is to avoid firing up servers and leaving them on indefinitely. You have to shut them down when you don't need them and add capacity when you do. Automation tools can be of great value in this regard, especially if you're working with large customers who have lots of servers. This is often the key to getting the most cost savings that the cloud can provide."


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