AWS Architect Gives A Class On Cloud Building 101

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One of the key elements that solution providers need to address involves continuous access to the applications.

"You've always got to be watching for the bottlenecks," said Rajakumar Sampathkumar, engagement manager for CSS, a San Jose, Calif.-based integrator. "You need to do a lot of benchmarking, and once bottlenecks are discovered, you can determine how to scale, or work around it."

Meanwhile, Bob Koche, vice president of SeeVogh, a solution provider focused on cloud-enabled videoconferencing, is highly familiar with latency issues.

"You've got to watch them closely and know how to make the necessary adjustments," he said. "Customers are happy to go with the cloud, but aside from latency, they're also very concerned about security. Whenever there's an attack on the Internet, we all suffer."

Many industry experts acknowledge that security will continue to be a moving target for information technology of all types, including the cloud. Amazon customers take responsibility for security above the hypervisor, while the company assumes responsibility for the lower portion of the stack.





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