Big Data Storage Provider Cleversafe Intros Partner Program

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Big data storage vendor Cleversafe recently launched its Elevate Partner Program to help partners deliver scalable and secure solutions to their customers.

The Elevate Partner Program joins Cleversafe's Solutions Network and Service Partners offerings and differentiates itself with a tailored online portal where MSPs, VARs, GSIs, OEMs and system integrators can receive the latest information on Cleversafe's technology, as well as materials for initiating conversations with potential customers. Cleversafe is exclusively pursuing partners that have an expertise in distributed applications, cloud, big data analytics, data security and networking.

"It's a program for enabling channel partners to deliver technology to their customers and clients," said Russ Kennedy, vice president of product strategy marketing and customer solutions at Cleversafe. "It's geared toward enabling them to grow and to get into the object storage business and cloud storage business with some unique technology that delivers differentiation, enhancements and security."


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Justin Mescher, CTO of Cleversafe partner Integrated Data Storage, commends the Elevate Partner Program for enabling IDS to set up one-on-one meetings with Cleversafe executives.

"What I like is the attention we get," said Mescher. "We're getting together, talking strategically about where IDS is going as a business, how they can support us in our cloud and support our customers."

Cleversafe reaps the benefits as well, taking partners' feedback about their customers' needs back to its engineers.

"Being in that strategic relationship with [Cleversafe] really helps our business because we know exactly where they stand," said Mescher. "It also helps their business because it gets them great insight into what the industry is exactly looking for."

The Elevate Partner Program includes three elements of hands-on training. Sales training is offered for partners to understand the technology and how to configure it. For those involved in engineering, there is an administration course, which guides them on how to use and administrate the system and educate clients, said Kennedy. The third course relates to support in maintaining the system and technical support and services.

"In each of these training courses are selections of labs so you get a chance to play with the system, get hands-on, if you will, and learn how the system operates," said Kennedy. "You set up your own configurations and your own systems so you get a real in-depth understanding of how the technology works and how to deploy it."

Cleversafe hopes to reach new customers in locations and industries in which it currently doesn't have a presence, said Kennedy.

"We are very hopeful it will grow Cleversafe's business in front of new prospects including customers, marketplaces, geographies and new segments that we're not currently [in] today," he said.

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