Google Rolls Out A Raft Of Developer Enhancements At I/O 2013 Conference

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"All the things they launched were about leveraging their massive amount of data in order to deliver services that are more contextual," said Jon Gottfried, developer evangelist at Twillo Cloud Communications of San Francisco. "This is very important to developers because we can use that in a lot of different ways. You'll see new features and applications coming out of all this."

On the recreational front, Google Play game services will now include CloudSave, which enables users to save game data across multiple devices. Also new APIs will help developers post leader boards and promote achievements such as high scores. In addition, Google is in the midst of rolling out various enhancements to Google Maps, adding a 3-D capability, as well as the ability to customize maps based on the usage patterns of the individual.

But the capabilities discussed at the event also carry a Big Brother concern, according to Deglise of Kilo-App.

"As the services become more integrated, the results become amazing and frightening at the same time," he said. "Google continually knows more about us, and time will tell what they do with that information."


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