Silver Peak Offers By-The-Hour Optimization Software Via AWS Marketplace

Silver Peak Systems has stepped in as an IT plumber.

As of Tuesday, Silver Peak's WAN-optimizing Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture software became available by the hour directly from Amazon Web Services via the AWS marketplace.

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The new hourly model gives customers another option, said Vivian Xu, director of cloud and virtualization product management at Silver Peak. Customers still have access to the company's Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture software in a variety of network capacity options, as well as through annual or perpetual licensing.

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"They can mix and match," Xu said.

Silver Peak's software accelerates data between data centers, remote offices and the cloud, increasing performance while reducing cost. The technology can result in up to 80 percent cost savings compared with wide area network connections that are not optimized, according to Santa Clara, Calif.-based Silver Peak.

"It's an additional arrow in their quiver," said Larry Cormier, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, about the benefits of the AWS-Silver Peak relationship to channel partners.

Reduced cost and enhanced performance in the connectivity between public cloud and private cloud resources are the key ingredients that could make Silver Peak relevant to solution providers helping companies integrate AWS with existing solutions and cloud solutions, said Jeremy Przygode, founder and CEO of Stratalux, which offers cloud-based managed services.

Silver Peak's software could meet the cloud requirements of some companies and eliminate the need to use direct connect, which creates a network hard link to specific data centers but can be time-consuming and expensive to set up, he said.

Silver Peak allows solution providers to offer cloud-based services chosen from the Amazon marketplace instead of building a cloud data center of their own, and they don't have to worry about latency in data transfer caused by bottlenecks.

Latency is particularly important for large IT initiatives, including data center consolidation, data migration, cloud computing, disaster recovery, server centralization and hosted virtual desktops.

It's one thing when a video on YouTube is breaking up as a result. But enterprise customers can't afford to let that happen, Cormier said. Enterprise needs seamless transmission, he said. "That's what WAN optimization was made for."