Synoptek Eyes Cloud Solutions Growth With FusionStorm's MSP Business

Set into motion earlier this month

"It's the opportunity for growth, to higher a level of service to our customer base and the ability to bring more highly reliable cloud solutions and offerings," said Shaharom Stripling, director of sales and business development for Synoptek. "The short-term plan is to really integrate the team and leverage [FusionStorm's] channel as they leverage our services."

Formed in 2005, Synoptek's primary focus was on IT solutions for organizations in the small to mid-market space. Today the company is focused more on cloud services, as cloud adoption is picking up in different sectors such as government, healthcare and retail, Stripling said.

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"I think cloud services is an extension of managed services," said Stripling. "Organizations are starting to question 'do we really need to have Exchange on premise' or 'do we need to keep our own servers' and 'can we leverage something in the cloud."

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According to Stripling, the acquisition will allow Synoptek to integrate FusionStorm's MSP business into its existing services, becoming a part of Synoptek's product offerings.

"As we're absorbing this and integrating it, it is going to be our focus for a while, and we are looking to grow and expand into mid-markets," said Stripling. "It basically allows us to offer a higher level of service that will leverage a more tightly integrated geographic redundant solution and provide them with a higher level of service under one roof."

With FusionStorm's MSP business, Synoptek is looking to add new vendor partners and continue leveraging cost effective solutions.

"We maintain a broad range of partnerships, but we are always keeping our eyes on the horizon and looking for emerging technologies that are stable and will be a benefit to our client," said Stripling. "Synoptek will continue to work with the FusionStorm channel, their clients and to offer more of their VAR services at a better cost-effective solution."