Xively Launches Consulting Group To Support Internet of Things

The new services group, dubbed Xively Consulting Services, is designed to help customers understand and operate Xively Cloud Services and to construct business decisions based on data from Internet of Things (IoT)-connected devices. The IoT platform enables connection, simplified control and management of multiple devices across a platform, said Mario Finocchiaro, director of business development at Xively.

"It is a constant flow of information for users that creates a whole, new world of customer intimacy," said Finocchiaro. "This whole world of information of how devices are being used, what products are doing well, how shipping is done, etc .., can be used for making processes more efficient."

Finocchiaro said Xively Consulting Services will create opportunity for companies that are unsure of the technology choices and shifts IoT will bring. He also said Xively will continue to rely on solution provider partners as part of its go-to-market strategy. The company recently introduced its first formal partner program called the Xively Partner Network to increase its channel presence.

"Customers are being trapped by two forces: one being corporate identity, which is their product line, the channel and prices. And the second is this big wave of IoT, which brings the ability to connect devices, manage and understand the data," said Finocchiaro. "We recognize this transition is going to be a challenge, so we want to provide these services and the partners to help them navigate through all of that."

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The offered consulting services include product architecture, development and management, wireless connectivity integration, user interface, web and mobile app development, back-end infrastructure integration, data storage, road map and strategic planning, and more, said Finocchiaro.

"Our product and our consulting services go hand in hand as they will help our customers make the best use of the possibilities that are created by our cloud services," said Finocchiaro. "The companies that are coming into this space are really trying to figure out architecting solutions, customer experience, pricing, and finding partners to put solutions together."

Scott Chalfant, CEO of TierConnect, a Xively partner based in Plymouth, Mich., said his company will benefit from assistance provided by the new consulting services.

"When we are working with Xively, their experience helps our customers understand what they need to do and how they are going to go about it," said Chalfant. "They initiate their clients at an idea level first, and then help our clients and their clients understand how they are going to use and leverage an IoT strategy."

In turn, Finocchiaro said the channel has helped Xively to be stronger and successful in bringing IoT and cloud services to businesses.

"The way the channel has benefited us is by allowing us to be in a much stronger approach that gives us access to a whole bunch of their customers," said Finocchiaro. "We can bring our channel partners to bear, and help our customers build end-to-end IoT solutions."