New Product Helps Application Developers Work Better In Amazon Cloud

The newly announced product, PaaSLane for AWS, evaluates applications for AWS compatibility and provides recommendations to optimize its performance in the cloud. Cloud Technology Partners said that it is the only solution available that dives deep into the source code to make sure it matches up with AWS.

"Those who have decided to move things to Amazon will be able to accelerate their migration," said John Treadway, senior vice president at Cloud Technology Partners, in an interview with CRN. "It will make it easier, it will make it faster, and it will lower the cost of migration and improve the overall quality of the software being deployed there."

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PaaSLane has been shown to reduce the time for migration to AWS by 25 percent or more, according to company data.

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Treadway said that Cloud Technology Partners hopes to expand its relationship with partners through this product. "We are absolutely channel-ready from that standpoint," Treadway said. "It's by no means an exclusive relationship, and we are very partner-centric."

The program analyzes the Java source code of the application, scanning more than 30 rules for potential issues that might conflict specifically with AWS, as well as more than 160 best-practice rules for cloud application development in general. In particular, Treadway said that PaaSLane helps developers get in tune with the elasticity and scalability needed to work in a public cloud.

"There's a lot of things that people do in their code that inhibits their app from scaling and being elastic, and being as resilient in a public cloud environment as they would be in a private cloud," Treadway said. "Because it starts with Infrastructure-as-a-Service, people can take their application code and deploy it in Amazon without a tremendous amount of effort, but they won't get the full value until they make it more resilient."

For example, a common inefficiency is that migrations to the public cloud will bring over capabilities and services that are a part of the AWS, Treadway said, such as messaging and email. PaaSLane flags those sorts of inefficiencies to remove duplication, which improves performance through increasing efficiency and following best practices.

"The less work they have to do around building things or software management, the more they can focus on the application development," Treadway said. The product is not designed to help push developers to use AWS despite Cloud Technology Partners being an Amazon partner, but rather to facilitate better applications in the Amazon cloud, he said.

"This is probably not going to change anyone's mind whether they will move to Amazon or another cloud, but once they’ve made that decision it will accelerate and make it a lot easier for them," Treadway said.

AWS is the focus for the newly released PaaSLane, but Treadway didn't rule out a future offering by Cloud Technology Partners to help applications become better compatible with other major public cloud providers.