Pivotal Tries To Steal Amazon's Thunder With Commercial Cloud Foundry Launch

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Pivotal also is rolling out several services that will run on top of Pivotal CF. One example is Pivotal HD, which lets users build and manage Hadoop clusters from within Pivotal CF. Creating and deploying Hadoop clusters isn't easy to do, and Pivotal HD is aimed at smoothing out the process, Menninger said.

Pivotal HD includes SQL interface in addition to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Also included is HAWQ, a Greenplum-developed technology that allows queries of HDFS data using standard SQL queries, and YARN, a next-generation Hadoop data-processing framework for running distributed applications.

Another new service is Pivotal AX, an analytics-as-a-service offering that is inherent in apps built on Pivotal CF. Pivotal AX can look at the data customers are managing in Hadoop and analyze the apps, Menninger said.

Rounding out the new services are RabbitMQ, a message broker for apps running on Pivotal CF; and MySQL Dev, which allows a single MySQL instance to be bound into an app for development and testing. This is useful because transaction-oriented databases are a common piece of many cloud apps, Menninger said.

Andrew Brust, CEO of Microsoft-focused research firm Blue Badge Insights, New York, has been briefed on Pivotal CF and told CRN he's still unsure what value the whole Pivotal stack brings.

"On the one hand you've got Pivotal HD and HAWQ, which is the Pivotal Hadoop stack, undergirded by the IP from the Greenplum MPP data warehouse technology," Brust said in an email. "On the other hand, you've got various BI, cloud and developer components inherited from EMC and VMware."

As someone with a developer and business intelligence background, Brust said he can understand the motivation for bringing these technologies together, but he isn't sure it will resonate with customers.

"I think the burden is on Pivotal to prove that another enterprise PaaS cloud, based on an open-source stack, is something that will benefit the market," Brust said. "And there's a further burden on the company to show why combining that cloud platform with a message queue, a Java API, a BI front end and other developer knick-knacks is natural or contrived."

Pivotal isn't sharing any pricing details for Pivotal CF. Menninger said it will be licensed as a service with pricing based on usage.



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