Red Hat Reinvites Startup Piston Cloud To Conference, Waives Sponsorship Fee

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Bryan Turbow, founder and CTO of BroadCloud, a Las Vegas-based firm that partners with Piston Cloud, said he's not surprised that Red Hat would be threatened by Piston Cloud.

"Piston is a serious operating system that can be secured and scaled for enterprises and highly secure environments," Turbow said in an email. "It also embraces open-source benefits and has strong stability and scaling capabilities."

McKenty, who is also a member of the OpenStack Foundation's board, said he enjoys working with Red Hat in the OpenStack community and has a lot of respect for what it has done with Linux.

That said, Red Hat "failed every time they’ve tried to do something outside Linux" and has shown a tendency to copy things that Piston Cloud is doing in features and pricing, he said.

"They've done everything but actually copy our products," McKenty told CRN.

While Red Hat's apology would seem to have settled the matter, that may not be the case. In a tweet, Krishnan Subramanian, director of OpenShift strategy at Red Hat, claimed that Pivotal kicked Red Hat out of its Cloud Foundry Conference last September because it didn't want a PaaS competitor there.

Subramanian took issue with the lack of media coverage of this and suggested that Red Hat was called out when Pivotal wasn't. Pivotal couldn't be reached for comment.  


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