Get The Facts On Cisco's New Cloud Strategy

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Cisco is telling partners to bet on its new cloud strategy, which dominates the global partner program overhaul the company recently announced.

The Next-Generation Cisco Channel Partner Program will ’strategically address the way our end customers are thinking through their journey in the cloud,’ said Senior Vice President Edzard Overbeek.

Overbeek manages the Cisco services business portfolio, which will house the new cloud strategy business unit. Overbeek is enthusiastic about the opportunities intercloud will provide partners.

’You can start to see a whole array of new solutions and services that we’re basically able to offer to end customers,’ said Overbeek.

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Overbeek has no doubt that Cisco made the right move focusing on cloud. ’We know that partners know we made the right, strategic choice,’ said Overbeek.

He suggested partners also delve into analytics in order to build and connect networks. ’Get smart. Those of you that are smart, get smarter,’ he said.

Overbeek highlighted energy management, interactions with service partners, and industry solutions and consulting as other major areas of opportunity for partners.