DLT Solutions Launches Private Cloud Platform Powered By Amazon, Red Hat

Federal government integrator DLT Solutions upped its cloud game this week with the launch of a new private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering called CODEvolved.

The new solution will combine Red Hat's OpenShift and Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the Herndon, Va.-based solution provider's domain expertise. CODEvolved will ultimately reduce time and provide a shortcut for the initial learning curve for new cloud tool sets for clients, said Matt Micene, solutions architect at DLT Solutions.

"We're trying to take various tools and combine them in a way so customers can focus on getting their machines up faster rather than learning a new tool set," said Micene. "With these three things together, this is an architecture that takes advantage of speed, agility and leverages Amazon's high availability and infrastructure scale at the same time."

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Micene said there is a strong demand for private PaaS offerings in the public sector.

"There is still some confusion. [However], there is a lot of interest and a lot of the folks get the idea of what Platform-as-a-Service does for them," said Micene. "There's a sense that if they can get to a PaaS environment, they have less things to worry about to ramp up to cloud."

According to Micene, bringing Red Hat's OpenShift Enterprise PaaS developer's tool sets and AWS EC2's infrastructure together as a solution will provide elasticity and ease of use to DLT's clients.

"It really provides that return on what you are actually investing in much quicker, and gets you to your goals of doing real work as opposed to learning the tools just for the sake of learning it," said Micene. "They want something to rapidly deploy, start using as soon as it's done without having to do too much additional customization up and beyond what the solution can leverage."

As DLT Solutions primarily focuses on the public sector, including federal, local and state government, and education, CODEvolve's subscription model will be a big help, said Micene.

"In post 2014 sequestration, and the up-and-coming 2015 budget, the government isn't decreasing what they are asking us to do," said Micene. "Because of services and subscriptions to software, it's shifting to an operational expense, so they can do a lot of the upgrades and application refreshes without having to do capital outlay processes, which makes dealing with budgets easier and shortens timeline."

Micene stated that working with the federal side is about 60 percent of the company's focus.

"The federal market is fairly broad and, because of its size, there is a lot of effort and initiatives going on there," said Micene. "There are some challenges with state and local because [they're] not as regional, so it's hard to reach out to many customers as much as we'd like to."

There are additional tasks that can be done with the platform, especially since OpenShift's open sourced product and Amazon Services' tools and new frameworks are constantly being added, said Micene.

For the future, DLT Solutions will continue to engage with customers to find out what can be done further with CODEvolved, said Micene.

"That makes us excited for the potential for expandability and productivity," said Micene. "As far we're concerned, the engineering is complete but it may not be 100 percent with what our customers want [so] I'm looking forward to have our customers drive where the solution set evolves to."