Q&A: Oracle Channel Chief Says Partners Will Play Starring Role In Expanding Its Cloud Business

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Q: Oracle recently gave HP Diamond status in the OPN. Was this a sign that the strained relationship between the two companies is improving?

I probably wouldn't want to comment too much. But the fact that they're a Diamond partner says a lot. There are only 10 Diamond partners. These are companies that have made huge investments in building practices around Oracle IP. The fact that HP is committed to working with our technology platform to help them serve their customers is a strong vote of confidence in Oracle technology.

Q: Mark Hurd said on the last earnings call that Oracle is getting better at selling cloud. Is the Oracle channel also improving on this front?   

I think our cloud vision is comprehensive. Where some of our competitors -- let’s just say Amazon -- say, come in and develop but potentially have only one choice to consume cloud offerings.

Let's say you're an ISV today. You just got funded by a VC -- what do you do? You can come to Oracle; you can start to do development in our cloud. You can develop your app, and then potentially build that app on top of our database, our middleware and our security offerings.

And then you can decide to host it, and we give you a proprietary hosting license where you can go out and sell it. Or you can build a solution and sell it as a value-added reseller and deliver it on-premise or in a hybrid environment.

Oracle has different intellectual property, different routes to market and different business models. And competitors don’t have it end-to-end like we do.

Q: What role, if any, does Larry Ellison play in the Oracle channel?

I haven't talked with Larry specifically about the channel strategy. When you look at the leadership team at Oracle, Mark really owns everything around go-to-market, i.e. marketing, sales and the channel. It's very clear that he is completely behind the channel. The channel is very important for Oracle to extend our reach.


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