VCE Touts Healthy Vblock Sales, But Partners Concerned Over New Infighting

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Despite the problems with the VCE alliance, EMC and Cisco can point to booming Vblock sales and claim that everything is OK. However, some partners said the healthy Vblock sales figures stem from earlier sales cycles when VCE was functioning as more of an alliance than it is today.

VCE has sold more than 1,750 Vblock systems since launching the products in 2011. Research firm Gartner has named Vblocks the market-share leader in integrated infrastructure systems for two years running.

EMC and Cisco have long maintained in public that their relationship is fine and that it's OK for them to compete in some areas and cooperate in others. And while industry watchers have been predicting that VCE would crumble for several years now, the alliance has stayed intact.

But in the channel, partners on all sides believe there's a limit to how far EMC and Cisco will go to maintain the appearance that everything is hunky-dory in their relationship. And in the opinion of many of these partners, this situation may soon reach a breaking point.

"Despite both EMC/VMware and Cisco trying to keep VCE customers calm by assuring everyone that 'everything is business as usual,' just about everyone is aware that the gloves are off in this fight," said the VCE partner who is seeing customers avoid Vblocks.


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