Born-In-The-Cloud Startup Affinity Cloud Connections 'Connects' VARs Intent On Capturing Cloud

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You run one of very few women-owned businesses in this industry. How can we bring in more women to the cloud computing industry, or the VAR industry? What advice do you have for them?

There are not enough women in my industry, and this presents a tremendous opportunity. From my personal experience, the most successful teams are made up of both women and men, because problem solving requires different perspectives and balance.

I think the entire channel is clearly missing out on the competitive advantages that come from employing women. We could start by getting the word out to every young woman on every college campus and every military installation in America, that there are amazing opportunities waiting for them in the field of technology. Industry leaders and company owners need to advertise, promote and pursue hiring. Leadership needs to authorize HR and talent teams to expand the scope of their search beyond computer science and engineering majors, to include the untapped talent in business, English, liberal arts, journalism or education. It seems to me that any woman who can perform in a grueling, hostile military environment surely has something to offer our companies.

My only advice is this: Technology permeates every aspect of our world, and it's not going away. It is a field that is built on ideas, opportunities, challenges and new ways to accomplish old goals. Our industry endeavors to make life better for every industry and every person on the planet. It is dynamic and ever-changing, made up of some of the most interesting and creative people in the world.  And it doesn't matter what you studied in college; you can add value and apply what you've learned and what you love in a million different ways, and you can have a blast doing it.

How fast has your business been growing, what is driving business, and what has prompted growth?

We’re only six months old, but what’s driving the business is the need for speed. For cloud services, the winning ticket is how fast you get to market with subscription services and applications. It’s all about retaining and growing your customer base, about increasing stickiness and revenue for the long term.

And that’s exactly what Affinity provides. We turn your vision into a reality, and we do it quickly, with no headaches, no retainer fees, and no vendor biases.

Why are subscription services and applications necessary today?

The old notion was that companies gained competitive advantage by owning hardware or writing their own software apps. The world has evolved to an on-demand, ever-changing plethora of options and devices. Subscription services and applications delivered from the cloud provide the most scalable, cost-effective and secure platform.

How does Affinity Cloud Connections get paid?

Affinity is not an old-fashioned consulting company, a cloud services broker or a referral company. ACC offers several programs, but our primary revenue stream is a percentage of MRR after the customer is in market. Affinity is dedicated to achieving success with our customers because our revenue is tied to theirs.

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