Sanovi Inks Amazon Deal, Rolls Out Disaster Recovery Technology To North America

IT disaster-recovery solutions developer Sanovi, which recently inked a partnership deal with Amazon, went live Monday with a free test-drive feature that allows AWS customers to evaluate their system continuity in the event of a server failure.

The application-aware disaster management sandbox allows users, even those who aren’t Sanovi customers, to conduct continuity test drills for applications hosted on AWS. It's Sanovi’s first product integrated with the industry leading, public-cloud provider and available to Amazon’s partner network, Lakshman Narayanaswamy, Sanovi co-founder and VP, told CRN.

IT administrators can sign up for the test drive to rapidly provision and deploy a private testing environment in the cloud that can be used to perform automated, non-intrusive DR drills and track vital recovery stats like Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective.

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’The software we offer to the marketplace is really management software based on an enabling technology we call Application Defined Continuity, which works across physical and virtual environments looking for a recovery lifecycle solution,’ Narayanaswamy said.

Application Defined Continuity abstracts from underlying infrastructure the continuity procedures that kick in when a system fails. It enables cloud-based applications to interface with cloud management software, request specific continuity functions and adapt to changing continuity needs.

’It’s about being able to manage a whole disaster recovery system, including the orchestration required to bring up the DR if the whole production goes down,’ Narayanaswamy said.

Sanovi, dubbed a ’cool vendor’ recently by Gartner, has been offering disaster recovery and continuity services in India since 2006. It set up shop in the U.S. some eight months ago.

The company has not yet formally announced the partnership it recently inked with Amazon, but is already at work building tight integration for its flagship product, Cloud Continuity, with the AWS cloud environment.

Cloud Continuity enables customers to fully manage the lifecycle and disaster continuity of critical enterprise applications across computing resources obtained from either physical machines managed on premises or virtual private and hybrid clouds. The software communicates with multiple servers running business applications through simple APIs.

Narayanaswamy told CRN the company is ’completely channel and reseller based’ and currently working to build out its reseller network in North America.

Mohan Ramaiah, general manager of system integration at India-based Wipro, said in a testimonial that he turned to Sanovi after seeking out ’a more proactive DR solution.’

’We can automate the complete DC/DR failover and failback on all the processors. We can reduce the human workforce required. We can decrease the time required to switch from DC to DR and we can provide a cost efficiency,’ he said in the testimonial.

In another testimonial, Pappu R. Rao, a representative for Gulf Business Machines, said the Middle East-based system integrator searched for solutions to manage failover and seamless failback and ’Senovi fits the bill.’ Gulf Business Machines uses Cloud Continuity for controlling disaster recovery management solutions for clients in the oil, gas and financial services industries.

’With cloud becoming the buzz word in today’s industry, exploring ways to bring recovery-as-a-service, managed DR-as-a-service for our customers, this is very critical as I see in the years to come with everything consumed on demand, on the fly,’ Rao said.

In addition to AWS, Sanovi has been certified to work with Cisco Flexpod and Netapp and more certifications are under way, according to Narayanaswamy.