IT Solutions Vendor ScienceLogic Rolls Out Free App Store

ScienceLogic, a developer of cloud-based IT monitoring software, launched an app store that offers clients and partners an abundance of free tools that can be combined and managed as an integrated solution from the company’s platform.

The store, PowerApps, makes available to solution providers more than 1,000 IT-oriented applications to monitor on-premise and cloud-based resources from a single dashboard view.

A selection of tools from PowerApps can automatically be plugged into ScienceLogic’s EM7 IT Management platform, extending the reach of the company’s flagship product. The integrated applications create a holistic solution for monitoring networks, virtual and physical servers, Wi-Fi access points, applications and VoIP services.

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Offering solution providers the ability to choose or create bundles of these applications, called PowerPacks, and plug them into ScienceLogic’s platform empowers those channel partners, ScienceLogic CEO Dave Link told CRN.

’It really allows the resellers to quickly and smartly differentiate their offerings by building these packs of instrumentation, customizing them and offering them in a way to align with market segments they’re delivering to like healthcare, financial [and] manufacturing,’ Link said.

Conquest Security, a ScienceLogic partner, is an information security service provider serving government and commercial markets. It provides services, training and products to address key information security, regulatory and operational requirements for businesses of all sizes and government agencies.

’We work with ScienceLogic not only because they have a very good monitoring solution as a platform, but also their PowerApps allow us to help our customers extend the product in many other directions and monitor a lot more technologies,’ Conquest CTO Mark Williamson told CRN.

’These add-on capabilities allow us to easily download and install additional functions, and offer a level of flexibility and IT coverage that other vendors do not, essentially allowing our business to establish competitive differentiation, and leadership,’ Williamson said.

Most of the apps available in the new store were developed by ScienceLogic in tandem with its partners and customers. They deliver full visibility into Amazon Web Services and other larger public clouds.

’What we are selling aggressively now is the hybrid cloud. Our resellers use our product to manage the AWS accounts and on-prem accounts so they can get a single view,’ Link said. ’That’s hard to do and that’s where their customers want help. They want system integrators and resellers to help them solve that problem."

Link and his partners founded ScienceLogic in a garage in 2003. It was a project that grew out of the frustration they encountered in trying to managing globally distributed infrastructure.

’We were in the web hosting business, and we ended up having 14 point tools that never gave a context of everything that happened in the data center. The design philosophy was wrong,’ Link said.

After seven years in business, ScienceLogic accepted venture capital and has grown tremendously ever since.

’We provide a holistic, single product in the cloud and a variety of other architectures that provides IT infrastructure monitoring for global enterprises, system integrators and resellers to use our product as their managed service platform. Hundreds of resellers use us as their MSP platform around the world,’ Link said.

Those tools and platform for providing managed network, managed security and managed applications are sold as a subscription service

’It really is one product that manages the whole IT stack,’ Link said.