Telecom Carrier Corvisa Seeks Partners For Cloud-Based Call Center Technology

Corvisa has been selling cloud-based software to power business contact centers for the last couple of years, and now, in a bid to expand its customer base and drive revenue, the telecom carrier is in the process of building a channel.

The company's new channel chief told CRN that partnering with Corvisa gives solution providers opportunities to win new lines of business as enterprises are building out and modernizing the contact centers from which their sales and support staff manage relationships with customers.

Corvisa's cloud-based contact center and hosted PBX systems, sitting on a customizable platform called Summit, offer SaaS and PaaS solutions capable of CRM integration with Salesforce that partners can tailor to their customers' unique operational needs, Pieter Knight, vice president of channel sales, told CRN.

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"The value to our partners is offering this integrated solution that can be customized," Knight told CRN. "We can customize it, our partners can customize it. It’s a complete solution or it can be broken out a la carte. Whatever they want."

The telecom and software vendor was founded in 2011 in Milwaukee, and it released its call center platform in 2013.

In February, Corvisa launched a bid to expand its go-to-market sales strategy by tasking Knight to develop a channel.

Knight said the channel program was crafted so as to avoid conflict with the company's direct sales team. Its partners -- five have been signed since launch -- are master agencies, systems integrators and professional services providers. Later this year, the company will look to add some resellers to that mix and to expand into the European market.

Corvisa built in-house all the components of its call-center service, all sitting on the company's own carrier network.

"We wanted to be a single-source provider to work with customers, and now partners," Knight told CRN.

One of the first partners it brought into its nascent channel was Infinite Green, a solution provider in Minneapolis, which focuses on integrating and deploying technologies that enhance the customer experience.

Infinite Green was founded in 2009 with an aim to "help companies define what they need to do and then add capabilities that are extremely flexible and nimble," said Jon Blum, who, consistent with the company's unconventional corporate titles, holds the position of chief illuminator.

"The big differentiator with Corvisa is that companies don't think of phones in terms of PBX and call0center models. They think of them as phones," he told CRN.

Corvisa's technology creates an intuitive experience because it was designed from an operator's perspective, Blum said, which is "extremely different" from other products on the market.

Other tools the company implemented or redesigned have come from a paradigm of organizing functionality around how the technology is built and not around the user experience, he said.

Blum added that a platform capable of integrating a CRM like Salesforce with PBX functionality had been a missing element of Infinite Green's portfolio.

Corvisa's solution also has the advantage of allowing users to get started with a business phone for voicemail and basic routing, with the ability later on to expand into full contact-center capabilities, Blum told CRM.

"Most companies either need that or don’t know when they'll need it," Blum said, so the elastic capability eliminates the concern about having to invest twice.