Microsoft Gets Another Headache: Azure Outage Redux

Microsoft's Azure cloud hadn't even been humming along for a full 24 hours Tuesday before a second outage in as many days took down virtual machines, websites and other cloud services, this time affecting a denser concentration of customers on the East Coast.

The latest Azure outage came on the heels of one a day earlier and a time zone to the west when a network glitch brought down some IaaS and PaaS services for roughly two hours in Microsoft's Central region.

Microsoft reported Tuesday's problem on its Azure status page as starting at 1:30 p.m. EDT. The second-largest public cloud provider in the world informed customers that the service disruption was rooted in a problem with storage.

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Users of SQL databases, Azure Search, Websites, Virtual Machines and API management might "encounter errors," according to Microsoft.

"Our engineers have identified a potential root cause and are examining options to mitigate the issue," Microsoft wrote, and less than two hours later -- officially at 3:16 EDT -- all systems had "self-healed" and normal service was restored, the status page reported.

Once again, Microsoft customers, and rivals, took to Twitter to express their dismay. At about 4:30 p.m. Eastern, the first tweet came up reflecting restoration of service.

One business tweeted that Azure's series of outages was unacceptable, and for that reason Microsoft had just lost another customer to Amazon Web Services.

Before this week, Microsoft's last global Azure outage came last November, when the company said a glitch in a performance update took down its cloud storage service for more than 11 hours for some customers. In August, Azure Virtual Machines and Cloud Services suffered a global outage that spanned more than five hours in some cases.

Well, this outage is really starting to be annoying. Glad I don't have customers on yet. ... I would be flipping the ... out.

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Sorry . You just lost one more customer to . 3 major outages in 3 months?? This just can't happen.

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is experiencing MAJOR outages in East US!!! When is service expected to return to normal?

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