Pivotal Delivers Cloud Foundry To AWS

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Pivotal generally released Tuesday a version of its open-source Cloud Foundry development platform that can be deployed in Amazon's public cloud, either as a hosted service or independently through the AWS marketplace.

The AWS-integrated Pivotal Cloud Foundry virtual appliances are intended to extend the popular Platform-as-a-Service beyond the IT department and into the enterprise line of business, said James Watters, vice president of the Cloud Foundry Group at Pivotal.

Pivotal Web Services, the hosted product, comes included with Pivotal Cloud Foundry software subscriptions. Users who instead opt to manage their own scalable PaaS environment can start with an Amazon Machine Image.

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The AWS integration allows a much simpler approach to working with the powerful, but complex, development platform and enables Cloud Foundry to operate in truly hybrid cloud environments.

"It is hyper-powerful, but it's not always the easiest thing to install and configure yourself because it is a big platform that can run tens of thousands of applications," Watters said of Cloud Foundry.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry was created to be offered, ideally, as a hosted service, Watters told CRN, with users simply launching applications that saw shared services. The AWS integration, which Pivotal has been running for two years in a sandbox environment, finally brings that vision to fruition, he said.

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