IBM SoftLayer Brings To Market Two High-Performance Storage Offerings

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IBM introduced enhanced storage options to its SoftLayer public cloud Wednesday designed to give users flexibility in choosing high-performance file or block storage solutions.

IBM made available to its cloud partners and customers two new products: Endurance, a three-tiered offering that sets performance based on volume size; and Performance, which allows users to select variable size and performance characteristics.

The new virtual storage options, which complement IBM's current portfolio, come amid a fresh round of storage upgrades from leading public clouds -- Google and Amazon having brought to market new products in that arena in recent weeks.

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Michael Fork, SoftLayer's storage product manager, told CRN that Endurance and Performance can be provisioned as either persistent block-level or file storage with consistent baseline performance. Both provide durable and resilient storage that leaves no need for OS level RAID implementations, he said.

Users of both options can choose volumes between 20 GB and 12 TB and receive highly available connectivity, with multiple paths to their data, Fork told CRN. The block storage allows concurrent access to volumes to facilitate advanced clustering.

Endurance allocates IOPS proportional to the size of the storage volume selected, with three performance tiers.

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