AWS Fail: Live Stream Of AWS Summit Beset By Buffering

The beauty of the public cloud is its nearly unlimited scalability, its immunity to being overloaded, and no cloud provider touts that ability more than the world's largest, Amazon Web Services.

Yet AWS enthusiasts who tried to watch the live stream of AWS Summit 2015 from San Francisco were in for a rude surprise on Thursday morning -- endless buffering that made Sr. Vice President of AWS Andy Jassy's keynote unwatchable for anyone not at the Moscone Center.

After about 25 minutes of the video screen -- mostly occupied by the familiar spinning wheel of death -- the screen on the AWS website put viewers out of their misery with the message: "Oops? We're having a bit of technical difficulty. Please stay tuned."

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About 35 minutes after the keynote started, it looked like the video feed was working again.

But the problem wasn't solved before many attempted viewers mocked the fail on Twitter, pointing out the irony of AWS falling victim to a technical problem that the cloud is expected to solve.

Is there an autoscaling policy attached to the live stream at .

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Is anyone else experiencing a ton of buffering on the live stream? That's not a very good use case for

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BaaS (Buffering as a Service) on the AWS Summit Live Stream

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Even AWS' chief evangelist, Jeff Barr, couldn't resist some playful humor at his employer's expense, posting on Twitter a photo of leather-clad Fonzie providing some field service.

I managed to capture a picture of the live stream repair tech in action....

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