NetSuite's Evan Goldberg: The Latest Disruption Is 'The Consumer Cloud'

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NetSuite Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Evan Goldberg on Wednesday introduced a range of new e-commerce tools and functionality designed to power what he described as the industry's latest disruption: "the Consumer Cloud."

Speaking to partners and customers of the cloud company he founded 17 years ago at the SuiteWorld 2015 conference, he said the new features for enabling online business, from the front ends that face customers to back-office systems, will help NetSuite users pursue "an omni-business model" and "omni-channel customer experience."

With those forces reinventing the way companies engage their customers, online and in the store, "our technology is accelerating. We're constantly trying to disrupt ourselves," Goldberg told conference attendees in San Jose, Calif.

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In his keynote, Goldberg ran through several new features being integrated into NetSuite's business management platform, including a B2B procurement system called "procure-to-pay," which aims to provide vendors stocking their inventory the ease and elegance of a business-to-consumer-style experience.

Goldberg also demonstrated NetSuite for Android, a "full-featured" mobile app, also available for iOS, that helps users remotely manage their ERP, CRM and e-commerce systems.  

In its next release, NetSuite will also deliver "custom segments" -- functionality allowing users to break down their commercial data across numerous, well-defined categories to gain greater insights into their business patterns and customer buying habits.

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