NetSuite's Evan Goldberg: The Latest Disruption Is 'The Consumer Cloud'

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Other new functionality Goldberg touched on in his keynote supports app development, empowering developers working with the platform. To complement those efforts, NetSuite is also debuting a tool for monitoring application performance, the CTO said.

Technology obtained through the recent acquisition of Bronto will enhance the consumer marketing component of the company's e-commerce portfolio, he said.

At the same time, NetSuite is working in its labs on a project to develop more-advanced intelligent marketing capabilities. "We built a data science team to build features that offer insights," Goldberg said.

Igor Peshkov, vice president of partnerships and client services at San Francisco-based Astound Commerce, told CRN that the many features that NetSuite's founder discussed in his keynote represent the kind of development consistent with NetSuite's core strength.

"When it comes to NetSuite, what we see is a unified platform. That's what gives our clients the opportunity to work with the same company, same suite of products, to have them covered for all their front end and back end," Peshkov told CRN.

As a solution provider that prides itself on its e-commerce expertise, with 15 years of experience in that field, Astound sees the industry constantly evolving, with clients constantly looking to tap new capabilities for a competitive edge, according to Peshkov.

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