Intelisys Steps Up Training To Help Partners Sell Cloud-Based UC Services

Intelisys' new Unified-Communications-as-a-Service professional training certification program is already helping solution providers sell -- and better understand -- cloud-based UC services.

"This course is what I’ve been looking for to take my company to the next level," said David Harding, CEO of Denton, Texas-based Technology Resource Center of America, an Intelisys master distributor that has 15 employees going through the training.

"It is obvious that Intelisys has invested a great deal of money and time into this," said Harding, noting that he has personally struggled to understand the UCaaS market. "I have been through many training courses like this, and the one provided by Intelisys stands head and shoulders above the rest."

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UCaaS isn't always an easy-to-understand concept, or a simple business model to adjust to for infrastructure providers that are used to providing hardware telephone systems and traditional cabling. However, with end users increasingly seeking cloud-based services, solution providers need to be up to speed to meet the needs of their customers.

The UCaaS training program is the third full certification training curriculum offered by Intelisys Cloud Services University. The program is aimed at helping partners better understand cloud-based UC technologies, such as messaging, mobility and video services. The course also includes tracks on hosted VoIP architecture and contact center technologies.

The Intelisys UCaaS training course is broken up into small, digestible pieces with clearly defined jargon from the first lesson, Harding said. The course is reminiscent of an algebra class, in the sense that each lesson builds on the previous material learned and student can move through the program at their own pace, he said. ’The [course] takes you through the very basics and adds on a little bit more each time, after you pass each test.’

Intelisys Cloud Services University currently has 1,025 registered solution providers as part of its three certification programs so far, according to the Petaluma, Calif.-based company.

The UCaaS training is free and available to the entire channel, not only Intelisys partners, Intelisys said.

"There is a ton of interest,’ said Christine Cahill, carrier services specialist for ATS Communications based in Concord, Calif., an Intelisys partner. ’All I have to do is show [customers] an app on my phone of how I can instant message anyone in my office or see their presence. People go crazy for that.’

Each course segment also includes chats with an expert from a vendor that has brought something unique to the market related to the technology covered in the segment. "As a sales agent, it can be daunting to know who does what, so when you look though the lessons you get a taste of which [vendor] can accomplish what, and what their expertise is," Cahill said.

Partners also can refer back to the organized course material at any point, an especially useful feature when creating a presentation for a customer, she said. ’I’m always trying to get my customers to adopt new technology, especially cloud technology. You really need to know your stuff to be able to make a business understand.’