With 8x8 Contact Center Analytics Tool, Partners Can Add Value

UC and contact center service provider 8x8 this week updated its Virtual Contact Center with a new feature dubbed VCC Analytics that the company says will provide insight into agent performance and the customer experience.

VCC Analytics offers deeper analytics and a reporting dashboard for customers. Partners will be able to build value-added services on top of VCC Analytics or tie their own services to it later this year, according to 8x8.

Traditional contact center solutions often offer some basic reporting features. The implementation of more sophisticated reporting takes time and resources that many businesses don't have, said Ashish Parikh, vice president of software development and solutions for Arrow Systems Integration, a subsidiary of distributor Arrow Electronics and an 8x8 partner.

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Irving, Texas-based Arrow is interested in plugging into customer contact center environments to add value and help solve additional customer problems that the contact center product may not address by itself.

’Any vendor out there does the best that they can [with contact center offerings], but every business is unique and has different needs," Parikh said.

San Jose, Calif.-based 8x8 recognized that partners that are managing a customer’s contact center environment stand to benefit from deeper insight, said Enzo Signore, chief marketing officer for 8x8.

"There is an opportunity for partners to have access to that information for their customers so they can provide consulting services, or other value-added services on top of [VCC Analytics]," said Signore.

Arrow Systems Integration serves midsize to large organizations in the health-care, transportation and financial spaces. The systems integrator recently added 8x8's UC and contact center products to its own portfolio, in addition to Avaya’s contact center products.

Right out of the box, VCC Analytics offers actionable, operationally focused data that many contact center solutions aren’t offering today, Parikh said. "8x8 is bringing together all kinds of data to the forefront and making it very consumable -- you normally have to do some work to get there," he added.

Arrow plans to expand upon VCC Analytics down the road based on its customer's needs. The systems integrator plans to combine not just communication data, but tying it together with other business data so customers can see the correlation between business-related events and call center outcomes on one dashboard, Parikh said.