BitTitan Introduces MSPComplete Platform For Selling Microsoft Cloud Services

BitTitan, a Microsoft technology partner that has seen rapid adoption of its Office 365 migration tools, this week released a platform for MSPs to manage the entire life cycle of selling to, on-boarding and servicing cloud customers.

MSPComplete starts with sales acceleration, takes partners through email and data migrations to the cloud, and then enables ongoing monitoring and management, said Geeman Yip, founder and CEO of the Kirkland, Wash.-based company.

"We're offering them an end-to-end story that keeps them connected to their existing customers, creates a dialogue, and creates continuous solution sales as opposed to having a one-and-done approach as most system integrators do," Yip told CRN.

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The sales component helps MSPs with what many find to be their greatest weakness: finding customers and closing deals.

"The biggest challenge when you talk about selling is they're a bunch of technologists," Yip said. "MSPs don’t understand how to generate leads and how to sell products."

MSPComplete integrates functionality from market insights, to sales automation to script generation and upsell suggestions. It also references Microsoft's incentives engine and mines public cloud information to generate leads.

The next phase expands on BitTitan's core product, MigrationWiz, used by some 5,000 MSPs around the world to move their customers' data and email accounts to Microsoft's cloud.

But migrating inboxes is becoming the "low-hanging fruit" of the business as Microsoft commoditizes the process, Yip said.

The bigger challenge is "once on-boarded, how do you continue to maintain that relationship with a customer?" Yip asked. "You can sell more products, sell managed services, continue to monetize."

To assist in that process, BitTitan provides MSPs with infrastructure and cloud reporting capabilities they can brand as their own and deliver as a managed service to their customers, he said.

The package also has a feature called Cloud Readiness that assesses the customer's operating system, browser and bandwidth to inform them of whether their devices are compatible with cloud operations.

BitTitan also partnered with some enterprise software vendors to offer complementary capabilities, such as data encryption, Yip said.

Joe Foos, director of sales and marketing at ZAG Technical Services, a longtime Microsoft partner based in Silicon Valley, told CRN BitTitan’s MSP platform gives experienced Office 365 migration service providers the opportunity to significantly shorten the sales cycle.

"It also works to accelerate the on-boarding, migration, and Microsoft license usage activities that help customers start seeing real value from their investment right away,’ Foos told CRN.

ZAGtech has invested more time and resources every year in Office 365 migration planning tools because of the compelling value those services offer customers, who need trusted Office 365 migration guides.

MSPComplete will enable them to more successfully complete those migration projects from local or hosted Microsoft Exchange Server environments "by providing the Office 365 email migration overview, checklist, steps and tools required in a single integrated platform solution,’ Foos told CRN.