Flux7 Introduces Program To Help Enterprises Take The Reins Of DevOps Infrastructure

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Delivering DevOps-style IT to enterprise customers is a specialized practice only a select few solution providers have much, if any, experience in.

One DevOps shop that's been on the vanguard of the movement is Flux7. For a few years now the Amazon Web Services partner based in Austin, Texas, has been guiding customers along transformative journeys toward rapid and agile application development, deployment and management processes.

But what the systems integrator has been hearing of late from customers is they'd like to have under their own roofs the technical expertise to support and maintain their modern IT architectures and methodologies, Aater Suleman, Flux7's CEO, told CRN.

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To meet an emerging demand, Flux7 is extending its customer engagement model with a new solution called Engage that guides customers through that next step in their DevOps transition.

"I don't think you can have DevOps be completely external. It has to be internal. And most companies are starting to see that," Suleman said. "They want to scale quickly and having reliance on a third-party company doesn't help do that."

DevOps is a mind-set, not a product, Suleman explained. And when successfully implemented and executed, the value proposition is incredibly enticing -- doing 10 times the work in one-tenth the time.

Flux7 has always worked closely with its customers to help them adopt DevOps processes and realize their IT goals, Suleman said.

"What's been lacking, and what Flux7 has learned is an essential component, is the coaching to help customers do it themselves," Suleman told CRN.

With Engage, Flux7 goes beyond building and deploying the solution by adding a coaching regime for select members of the customer's IT staff that mirrors the education new Flux7 engineers receive.

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