The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2016

In a few short years "the cloud" has gone from industry buzzword to a term thrown around in everyday conversation. While cloud computing may not be understood by the majority of laymen, it's certainly not a mystery to tech professionals, particularly in the channel, where moving beyond traditional on-premise technology deployments to cloud-based models is becoming the new norm.

With popularity comes crowds, and in the era of mainstream cloud computing you would be hard-pressed to find a vendor that doesn't have some form of cloud offering. For solution providers, finding the ideal vendor partner in such a saturated space can be difficult.

So where to begin your search?

For the sixth straight year, CRN presents the 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors, the channel's best resource for narrowing down key vendors to partner with.

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The list is broken up into five segments: Platform and Development, Software, Security, Storage and Infrastructure.

Many of the staples from the first Cloud 100 list released in 2010 are thriving and find themselves once again on this year's list. But what makes the Cloud 100 so valuable each year is that it provides a look at the startups in the space satisfying a niche need or problem. This is where the true innovation is happening.

Check out the vendors deemed cool enough to crack this year's Cloud 100.

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