NetSuite Previews For Partners More Customizable, Intelligent ERP And Commerce Platform

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Nelson also touted a new set of capabilities extending NetSuite's OneWorld ERP with new features for global enterprises, including multiple accounting books, automated intercompany processes, and automated elimination and consolidation.

The latest version, called OneWorld 16, is "the crown jewels of NetSuite," Nelson said.

Goldberg told attendees that with OneWorld 16, "we've removed the hairball of multiple siloed systems."

Features and capabilities will expand over the next six to 18 months, Goldberg said, with functionality including multi-currency and financial governance in the works.

"We will always make it the best financial system in the world," Goldberg said.

Another product on the horizon introduces intelligent order management, adding analytic capabilities to processing orders.

"We have built algorithms that will automatically give you the best result for your inventory depending on how you define it," McGeever said.

Goldberg also demonstrated an upcoming version of SuiteAnalytics, a toolset for embedding business intelligence into the SuiteCloud development platform, that introduces advanced analytic capabilities, and meets a common request of customers by unifying search and reporting tools.

Malin Huffman, senior director for user experience, told attendees that NetSuite engineers "are cooking up in the lab" a next-generation "intelligent NetSuite experience."

"In the future, NetSuite will learn from how we work, from the data that's going into the system," Huffman said.

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