SkyKick Enables Partners To Offer Specialized Office 365 Services Direct To Their Customers

About a year ago, SkyKick expanded its product portfolio, branching out from a Microsoft Office 365 migration pro to a vendor of a broader suite of management and backup solutions.

Those platforms engineered for Microsoft partners offering managed services around Office 365 evolved further Wednesday, when the Seattle-based company introduced enhancements that allow partners to directly embed the capabilities of its software into their own websites and custom-built tools.

The goal was to allow partners to consume SkyKick’s products and services in the fashion that best fits their practices and business models, said Todd Schwartz, the company’s co-founder and co-CEO.

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A new syndication capability allows the white-label platform to be directly embedded onto the partner's web portal, Schwartz told CRN.

"A partner can put a migration experience, or a backup experience, right on their website for customers to self-service," Schwartz said. "The point of that is a lot of partners want to have an online presence around our products."

It takes three lines of code and less than an hour to drop the app onto a website, he added.

The new set of APIs SkyKick is simultaneously introducing as part of a developer center allows partners to create software directly accessing its services, such as automating mass migrations, or backing up SharePoint, OneDrive or Exchange, he said.

"Between those two products, we're basically empowering partners to consume SkyKick any way they want it," Schwartz said.

Jamison West, founder and CEO at Arterian, a Microsoft cloud solution partner based in Seattle, told CRN that SkyKick's platform has enabled his company to build an entire business model around migrating customers to the cloud and managing them when there.

The new syndication applications and APIs take the possibilities a step further, he said, "enhancing an already powerful technology to help streamline our operations."

"With syndication, our customers can now manage cloud migrations directly," West told CRN. "The self-service capabilities create a seamless approach reducing effort for our engineers. And by integrating new APIs, we've been able to increase the profitability of cloud migrations."

Those new solutions are helping Arterian scale and achieve recurring revenue, he said.