Flux7, A Specialist In State-Of-The-Art Solutions, Unveils A Microservices Service

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Another noteworthy -- and related -- trend that Flux7 has observed over the past year is that sanctioned IT projects once again appear to outpace Shadow IT projects.

In 2015, most of Flux7's engagements were driven by software developers, Suleman said, often out of the purview of the IT department. But that dynamic has flipped this year, and now IT leaders are more often than not involved in those projects.

Developers that engage Flux7 have "usually zeroed in that microservices is best done using Docker containers, and they’re looking for the IT team to provide a solid harness in which they can run Docker in a governable fashion," Suleman said.

The microservices templates that SmartStart offers employ AWS best practices, configured to auto-scale and absorb self-healing Docker container clusters, Suleman told CRN.

And while the majority of the SmartStart implementations will be launched on AWS, customers don’t have to use Amazon’s cloud if they don't want to, he added. 

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